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yayyy I'm back in business :D
two days to Spring Break!! --> that means a loooooot of reviewing :P
If I was in Finland I'd already be done with alllllll of my high school and final exams :P
but IB is good. :P

I'll be back ;)

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ahh I know that it has been forever since my first LJ entry..but now I'm here again -- believe it or not! :D

So many things have happened since the time I wrote the last time. The October break came and went.
Now we're back at school again. I missed a lot of things as all the others from the 11th and 12th grades went to Romania for a community service trip, but I can't deny that I don't regret that I went to Germany for the last two weeks.
First of all, I know that it improved my german so so much. And I also had an amazing time - although I went to school from 9am-3pm everyday during the whole two weeks! What a great October break, right? :D and yes we had homework too, essays and grammar exercises, no tv or computer in my host home -- so what was left for entertainment on the free time? Well guess two times :D Of course I had to go out to socialize with my classmates ;)
My host home was very nice, though it took a little time to get used to it. The actual house [240m2 and a big garden!!] located in a suburban of Munich, about 20mins away by train -- S-bahn auf Deutsch. And the family included a single mother, age 47, with 20 year old twins -- a girl and a boy :)
The mother was very cool already since the first meeting, she told me a lot about herself -- she works in a radio station and has her own program! She only had one rule in the house , which was not to smoke inside the house. That was totally opposite to the host family I had this summer when I was in Munich. That lady was a strict person with a long list of rules!
I also quickly got to know the two other students from the same language school living in my host family. Camille, a 22 year old swiss girl, who had finished studying law in University was the one who I shared my room with. A really sweet and a smart girl, who loves to read and photograph a lot. The other student, a spanish guy, 19 years old, was having a gap year from his university. First impression was that he was a cute, skater type of guy, who would be a sort of a player with the girls, but actually he was totally nothing like that. We got to know each other in few days and he turned out to be a very sweet and a caring guy, who was missing his girlfriend in Madrid a lot! They had been together already for 3 years. I admired that and I realized right away that he was really a good guy.

As my flight to Munich was sort of a catastrophe, I did not receive my luggage in the airport. It was so unbelievably komisch [=weird,funny] when I went to this guy at the luggage information desk and said that I had not got my bag -- he first guided me to go and look from the carousel :D :D I nicely told him that I had been standing there looking at the damn carousel for the past 30 mins and now the last bags that still were not picked up were not mine. I asked him if he could check from the computer the code I had for my luggage and see where it was now located -- he looked at me strangely and finally agreed to do that. After few seconds he told me that nothing was found and that we would need to make a reclamation [we=me with his guidance] so he gave me a booklet of different types of bags and several colour variations and told me to find the ones that were most close ones to mine. :S
It didn't feel real at all as it had never happened to me before, when I had been travelling on my own. But the guy, with a handsome smile, told me that it would take 2-4 days but everyone had always received their luggage, and that it would be delivered straight to my temporary address in Munich.
So that was good news and actually it was kind of cool to walk out from the terminal only carrying my handbag :D

I found the driver picking me up and I felt soo excited about finally being in Munich when I sat down to the backseat of the taxi. We drove approximately 25 mins on the autobahn and soon we arrived to the nice and quiet neighborhood of my new home. The driver was a real gentleman speaking to me in the formal form (as always in german -- but I still hadn't got used to that at that time :D ) and then making sure I also found the right house. He got up from the car and walked to the gate, opened it for me and then went to knock the door. Soon after the mother opened the door and welcomed me warmly by hugging, as the driver was telling her how this poor girl had not received her luggage :D She promised him that everything was going to be alright and then continued telling me how she would find a toothbrush and stuff for me to borrow :) -- uuh and did I not tell you that this all was of course in german :D

So I got in and first thing she wanted to make sure was that I would get dinner :) I felt really good about that idea as I had been running around in different airports trying to catch my flights and had only eaten a small sandwich in the plane to Munich. Right after I had arrived to my new home, the other student -- Luis also got home and so we two had a dinner. The mother explained me that the previous student before me would only leave the next morning so the first night I would sleep in her daughter's room and that I could sleep as long as I wanted. She was so warm and a cool mother, and I was so surprised how she talked to me like we had always known each other. She also was impressed by my german, as I was telling her things about myself and also that I had been here in the same school already in the summer. Somehow we then talked about her previous students and it turned out to be that one Finnish guy who had been in the course at the same in the summer had stayed in her house. :D That was cool!

The next day I woke up pretty late and still found it funny to only have the clothes I had on when I came :D Logically my first idea was to get to the city center and buy some things to survive the unknown amount of days I had to be without my bag. Again the mother was really nice when she told me that I could use the the daughter's week ticket for the train until monday, and then buy my own. She didn't even accept my questions about how much it would cost to borrow the ticket from them for the whole weekend. She also told me that she was going to the center so that we could go the same way and at the same time she could show me which train to take and etc. I was really happy about it and soon after we were already walking to the train station. Everything looked so different in a daylight and I had not even realized that the train station was right in front of the house, only couple blocks away. That turned out to be very useful and made me feel safe, although as I mentioned before the neighborhood itself looked very safe and nice.

I got to the train station in the city center [Marienplatz] and it was unbelievable to smell the same familiar smell of the station, that I knew from my summer trip. The last place I had left before going to the airport was the same city center station, as I had taken the train to the airport. Ahh that moment of that summer day was full of emotions. 'A' was there making sure I got safely to the train, and he carried my bags the whole way..The minutes on the monitor stating how long it would take for the airport train to come were killing me as it was like a countdown to leave A. We sat next to each other and just looked in to each others' eyes and then hugged soo tightly. I had tears in my eyes and he was really quiet too. He had declined to come until the airport, claiming that he wouldn't want to miss classes, but I figured out that he just didn't want to make it too hard for both of us. So we sat there and were looking at the other trains passing us. We kissed and then my train came. I took a deep breath so that I wouldn't start crying, and I felt how the heavy smell of the train station got inside of me. He hugged me one more time and we got to the train. Wait a minute! He wasn't going to go with me until the airport.. A small part of me was hoping that he would have changed his mind, although I knew that it would make it really hard. He then explained that he would only go few stations and then change to the metro going to the station near to the school.
So smelling that specific smell of that specific train station, brought all the memories so clearly to my mind that I had to take a careful look around to make sure 'A' wasn't hiding somewhere behind the corner..

So there I was, looking probably confused and a little lost, as tens and tens of people were passing me by inside the main floor of the train station. I tried to remember which way to go and then finally I just chose one of the several exit possibilities. I was a little nervous, but still feeling cool, excited and confident, but still feeling a bit unsure about where to go. I kinda wished that I had someone from the summer people hanging with me there in Marienplatz, like we always did after school and weekends. But all of them were already gone, and only on monday I would get to know the new people. All of them, except 'A' and a funny japanese guy. I wasn't that close with the japanese guy, although I remember laughing with him in the class. 'A' of course, was a different case. Just too bad that he was right at that time busy with his parents visiting from Mexíco. I understood that and knew that we would then meet in the school. So I decided to enjoy my freedom in lovely Munich and just go and see all the familiar places in probably the prettiest city center I had ever seen in my life..

Wow. So this is my journal :) I've always thought that I would be the last person to write a blog. I am so not a writer person. But here it is and I feel excited, curious and crazy -- all at the same time. We'll see how it will go. Hopefully I will have something to write about time to time. :)

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